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Our primary area of focus is Social Security disability law. We have zealously represented clients at every level of the social security disability process, including appeals to Federal Court. We have appeared before numerous administrative law judges in the Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Dover hearing offices

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With over 85 years of combined legal experience, partners Anthony Mignini (retired), Frederick Raab, Lawrence Demuth, and Arjun Murahari have helped thousands of clients achieve favorable results in their cases.To learn more about our attorneys, click here.

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Mignini, Raab & Demuth has been serving the Baltimore metropolitan area since 1977. Our firm has two convenient locations in the state of Maryland. We pride ourselves on our proven record of prompt, courteous, and competent representation of our clients

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How did Time magazine get this essential fact about Social Security so fundamentally wrong?

Time magazine has just published online the latest in the media’s unceasing stream of alarmed reports on Social Security, declaring that the next president will have to face up to “one of the largest financial issues facing the country: shoring up Social Security.” Unfortunately, Time’s analysis is undermined by a glaring misstatement about the program’s […]

Bold, Smart, Progressive Ideas To Strengthen Social Security

It is well understood that Social Security’s financing needs shoring up; we’ve been drawing down the trust funds to meet current obligations and by 2034 the funds will be exhausted. That’s often mistakenly taken to mean that Social Security will no longer pay out benefits, which of course is wrong: 86 percent of its income […]

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