Social Security Disability / SSI

Our primary area of focus is Social Security disability law. We have zealously represented clients at every level of the Social Security disability process, including appeals to Federal Court. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, each attorney in our law firm has represented clients throughout the state of Maryland. We have appeared before numerous administrative law judges in both the Baltimore and Dover hearing offices. Throughout the years we have fostered several relationships with other disability representatives and law firms. We take pride in referrals to our firm for further appeals.

Unique Social Security Legal Experience

Partners Anthony Mignini and Frederick Raab have both previously worked for the Social Security Administration. Mr. Mignini worked as a disability claims supervisor and taught several training classes for disability claims authorizers. As a part of the Staff Development Program, Mr. Mignini gained valuable experience in multiple areas of Social Security Administration operations including the Office of General Counsel, Medicare Hearings and Litigation, and Supplemental Security Income Quality Review.

Mr. Raab also worked for the Social Security Administration, initially as a disability claims authorizer. After being promoted to the Management Intern Program, Mr. Raab gained valuable experience working in several positions at the Social Security Administration, including working as Assistant to the Regional Commissioner in the Seattle, Washington regional office, as a Medicare Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, and Litigation Analyst.

Both Mr. Mignini and Mr. Raab’s unique experience has provided all members of our staff with vital information regarding the disability claims process.

Do I qualify for benefits?

If you currently are unable to work full time due to your illnesses or conditions, you may qualify for either Social Security disability benefits or supplemental security income. Feel free to contact us to discuss your potential case. We can provide you with guidance as to how to file your initial application and answer any other questions you may have.

Recent Denial?

If you have been recently denied for disability insurance benefits or supplemental security income, there is no need to feel frustrated or upset. The Social Security disability process can be difficult to understand. Below is a general description of the stages or levels of the disability process.

Initial application → Reconsideration Level → Hearing Level → Appeals Council Level → Federal Court Appeal

If you have been denied at any level, please contact our office so we can discuss your case in further detail. We provide representation at every level of the appeal process and take pride in ensuring that all of our clients understand the process.

Hearing Representation

If you are scheduled for a hearing and are currently unrepresented, you may contact our firm. Representation at an administrative law hearing can be very helpful. Each attorney in our firm has appeared before numerous administrative law judges in numerous hearing offices. We can assist you in understanding how a hearing works, as well as help prepare you and represent you at your upcoming hearing.

Childhood SSI Claims

We also represent children who qualify for Childhood SSI benefits. Child SSI claims are often complex and involve obtaining important information from numerous sources including teachers, immediate family members, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and other relatives. Through our extensive experience in handling Child SSI cases, our firm understands how to develop such cases for the best chance of success at all levels of the appeal process.

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